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Beyond Blue and Red

The Levi Wallace Foundation

Mission Statement

The Levi Wallace Foundation is dedicated to enriching the lives of low-income youth by providing meaningful opportunities and experiences through the use of sports and education. Our mission is to motivate and support youth that derives from single-parent or low-income households. Every child should have a fair opportunity to create a better future for themselves. By emphasizing the importance of discipline, hard work, and dedication we will teach the youth the necessary life skills needed to promote self-efficacy.

“The future is yours for the taking”

Vision Statement

Helping to bridge the gap in marginalized communities by providing the youth with impactful opportunities, resources, and programs that will not only maximize their potential, but directly highlight their growth.  We hope to create a model of actively giving back to others through meaningful ways.

I have always found enjoyment and fulfillment in giving back to others. It has provided me with the opportunity to connect with a myriad of people from different backgrounds and most importantly foster meaningful relationships with amazing people. When creating my foundation, I wanted to be intentional about providing beneficial resources for the youth and others in underserved communities.

Giving the right type of help to those in need and to provide kids with more opportunities to obtain athletic/academic scholarships and visibility from college sports programs.

The Levi Wallace Foundation is bridging the gap between what has been done and building on what still needs to be done to create a brighter future for the next generation and the community.”

– Levi Wallace

Our Core Values


We are committed to our mission of education and health, to enhance the development of the emotional intelligence of all people to achieve the well-being of children.


We believe that every human being is unique and this uniqueness must be taken into account in education and in the way we work and relate to each other.

Social Responsibility

We feel that we are responsible for what happens in our society, we are part of a whole, in which we choose to act to improve.

Give 716 Day

Bills and Sabres come together to remind us all of the importance of giving back. Make sure to keep up to date with all of our community programs.

Community Work